A revolutionary gesture controlled software


Flexible Real-Time Content

Magic Mirror works seamlessly with the movements of the users. On-screen content works in real-time meaning the activity can be entirely user led

Interactive Content

Watch as your learners are able to play in a band together, or take part in interactive games from afar using some of the many pre-configured settings

Interactive Music

Mirror is also an advanced gesture controlled musical Instrument that offers full MIDI control

Advanced Use

The scope of control offered by Magic Mirrors vast– it is possible to send network messages, control lighting and activate videos and images just by moving

System Options

Fixed Installation

Fixed installation systems can be installed into nearly any environment using our robust universal fixing system


Mobile Magic Mirror can be easily manoeuvred to allow use in multiple locations

Need Advice?

Speak to one of our product specialists today on 01892 771381 or visit our contact page


Is the Magic Mirror easy to use?

The Magic Mirror is designed to be operated as simply as possible. To get up and running, simply turn on and load your chosen app. Full training is provided on the system, and you can access our 24/7 support documents here, or call our Support Team on 01892 771381, Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm, if you have any problems.

Is the Magic Mirror suitable for all ages and abilities?

Yes, the Magic Mirror can be used for a wide range of applications, from sensory to physiotherapy to cause and effect. The system can be set accordingly to be triggered by either the smallest movement like the blink of an eye, to the most extreme physical movement like dancing or waving your arms. The possibilities are endless!

Is the system customisable?

Yes – it is easy to swap images and sounds to suit your activity, curriculum subject or lesson plan. We will show you how to do this during training.

Where can it be installed?

There aren’t many limitations as to where the system can be installed; most rooms with suitable ceiling fixings, and a suitable wall to project onto can have a Magic Mirror installed. Contact us to discuss your options.

Does it have to be used only as a wall projection?

Not necessarily – the projection component can be removed from the activity and focus can be turned to physical objects in the room; Move closer to a particular object to trigger a sound. Why not place objects around the room for users to engage with during story telling sessions? The possibilities are endless!

Can you use the Magic Mirror with the Magic Carpet?

Yes you can use the Magic Mirror in conjunction with the Magic Carpet. While they don’t connect to each other, they can be integrated with themes. For instance, select the Fish Pond setting on the Magic Carpet, and then the underwater theme on the Magic Mirror, or select fish objects within the scene.

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