Magic Carpet


Magic Carpet is a hugely versatile interactive system with uses in a wide variety of environments from SEN and Mainstream Schools to Hospitals and Hospices, Play Centres, Adult Day Centres, Science Centres and beyond. Magic Carpet stimulates the imagination and fuels creativity.

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The Magic Carpet includes 500+ apps sorted into 25 categories, 35+ Templates, easy-to-use App Builder and Control App for iOS and Android devices.

The Magic Carpet can be integrated seamlessly into the national curriculum, sensory therapy, adult homes, play centres, libraries, science centres and beyond. With multi-model access, Magic Carpet is inclusive and can be accessed through gesture control, eye control, touch screen and mouse control.

500+ apps – including: Football, Fish Pond, Poppies, Smiley Faces, Rocket, Star Scatter, Fog, Paint, Goalie, Piano, Animals, Bubbles, iPad, Video 3D, Rotating Tiles, Magic Mushrooms, Fire, Particle Explosion, Catch Game, Water, Leaves and added a whole load more.

What’s Included?

  • 500+ apps as standard – sorted into 25 categories
  • App Builder with 35+Templates – make your own apps
  • App Store Account – Access 1000+ Premium Apps
  • Comprehensive Service Plan
  • Control Apps – Control from iOS and Android
  • Media Library – 5000+ image, sound and media files
  • Training Provided
  • Flooring Supplied

*Price does not include installation, contact us for pricing.