Magic Carpet announced as finalist for BETT Awards 2018

Finalist - BETT Awards 2018Magic Carpet has been announced as a finalist for the coveted BETT Awards 2018.


The stunning app-based interactive projection system, is a contender within the Classroom Aids for Learning, Teaching and Assessment category.


Products within this category must support creative approaches to learning e.g. resource creation, resource delivery, resource presentation, communication, collaboration, information sharing, resource discovery, self-reflection, analysis, hypothesis testing, modelling, decision-making and simulation.


The Director of BESA, Patrick Hayes, who chairs the panel of judges for the Bett Awards, said: “This was a record year for the Bett Awards, with more applications from EdTech companies than ever before, coming in from around the world. This reflects the status of the Bett Awards as being the global gold standard when it comes to recognising excellence in education technology. The quality of applications was incredibly high this year, and judges had a lot of difficult decisions to make when deciding who the finalists should be. It is no mean feat to be a Bett Awards finalist, and huge congratulations should be in order for all of the companies who made the cut this year!”


The Magic Carpet will be marked by judges on whether it:


  • Is easy to use
  • Provides valuable user guidance and information
  • Stimulates interactivity and collaboration
  • Has considered the wider e-safety context within the online environment
  • Promotes creativity
  • Is accessible and inclusive
  • Promotes learning across the curriculum
  • Helps schools with pupil assessment
  • Is distinctive and innovative
  • Provides value for money


Magic Carpet brings complex and sometimes staid subjects to life, capturing children’s imaginations and harnessing their attention — whilst making learning fun.


Students simply move over the projected applications to interact with the content. Movements are met with visual and auditory rewards, engaging visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learners.


Hundreds of applications can be downloaded from the app store, all of which are linked to the national curriculum. Teachers and students can also easily create and share applications that they have made within the app store community.


Teachers have said that the technology engages students so deeply that they are able to stand back, observe and facilitate the class, rather than having to control pupil behaviour and ultimately, when children are relaxed, having fun and engaged, they are learning at their best.


The BETT winners will be announced on the 24 January 2018.

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