Magic Carpet “hugely popular” with Leonard Cheshire Disability residents

Leonard Cheshire Disability Magic Carpet Review

Leonard Cheshire Disability review Magic Carpet

Leonard Cheshire Disability has praised the engagement, inclusivity and accessibility of Magic Carpet, which was recently installed at their Appley Cliff Care Home.


Magic Carpet is an interactive projection system that projects applications onto any horizontal service.


Users can control and play with Magic Carpet by moving on, or over, the projected application.


The Magic Carpet comes with over 500 applications pre-installed and hundreds more available to download from the App Store. This means that there is an app to appeal to everyone.


A spokesperson from Leonard Cheshire said the different applications “offer lots of levels of engagement, from simple, fun activities, to challenging quizzes,” which is why it has “proved hugely popular with residents”.


The apps have been designed to encourage learning, therapy and play; as well as movement, group interaction and communication.


Peter Harris, activities organiser and volunteer coordinator at Appley Cliff, said: “The beauty of the Magic Carpet is that the unit is adjustable and portable, so it allows for true inclusiveness for everyone. Appley Cliff is built over two levels, so if someone is unable to leave their bed we can bring the technology to them. The unit can rise and tilt, letting us project the images directly onto the bed covers instead of the floor.”


Mr Harris said that part of the appeal of Magic Carpet is also how easy it is to use.


“Technology is one of those terms that can immediately conjure up visions of knotted wires, complex programmes and impossible terminology,” he said.


“However, the reality is very different in this case. The Magic Carpet is straight forward and accessible to everyone.”


Mr Harris said: “I feel very proud to be involved with this project. It’s a great investment for Appley Cliff and demonstrates that we’re embracing sensory, assistive and interactive technologies.


“We also have Eye Gaze which brings the gift of independence. It allows people to freely express themselves, gain new skills and increase their confidence. Crucially, it engages them in something that may have previously been impossible to access, such as the ability to send and receive emails.”


The Magic Carpet is accessible through Eye Gaze, Switch, voice, control, movement or mouse, making it inclusive and accessible for everyone.


Sensory Guru’s expert product advisor, Terry Aylmer-Smith, worked with Appley Cliff to help the care home decide what products would best serve the different needs of their users. Please get in contact if you would like to find out how Sensory Guru products could help to meet the needs of the people that you work with.


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The charity works to campaign alongside disabled people to improve the lives of disabled people in 54 countries and to challenge ignorance and unfairness in society.


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