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How does Magic Carpet work?

The Magic Carpet projects interactive apps that users can engage with simply by moving on or over the projected images.

Plug and Play

Tracks Motion

Responds to Movement

Provides Immediate Feedback

Simple Cause & Effect

Any Device Control


Magic Carpet in Leisure Settings

Magic Carpet is perfect for all environments where engagement, fun, inclusion and learning are the key deliverables in user experience.


Magic Carpet in Mainstream Education

In Mainstream Education Magic Carpet is a valuable teaching tool that allows pupils to experience content and learning in new ways and supports the curriculum


Magic Carpet in SEN

In special education settings Magic Carpet is unsurpassed as a tool to engage, stimulate and focus learning and exploration.

Mobile Magic Carpet


Mobile Magic Carpet is a highly portable and can easily be moved and stored away when not in use.

Ease of Use

Simply plug in, turn on and watch the system load straight into the Magic Carpet software.

Variable Image Size

Scale from a compact and vibrant 1300 x 975 mm all the way up to a stunning  3800 x 2850 mm (WxH)

Bright Vivid Image

The system boasts a powerful 4000 lumens ultra-short throw projector, perfect for all moderately lit environments!

Fully Integrated System

All system components are safely housed in the expertly designed Mobile Magic Carpet headbox. Neat is the word!


At full height the system will display a full sized image on to a wheelchair tray or table!

Which Colour is for you?

Available in a choice of 6 vibrant colours, Mobile Magic Carpet has been designed to resemble a fun and friendly robot

book demonstration
App Creator

Our easy to use app creator will have you making your very own stunning interactive apps in minutes!


Intuitive app starring feature allows you to add apps to favourites from anywhere in the software!


Advanced search enables you to search all apps, collections and media library by name


Group apps into your own custom collections. No limit to the number of collections you can create

Playlists & Schedules

Create playlists and have the system automatically run apps on following your own scheduled timings


Control Magic Carpet and run apps from any device using our apps for iOS and Android!

Media Library

Magic Carpet has a fully functional media library with over 5000 royalty free media assets

Remote Shutdown

Shutdown the system directly from the power down button in the Magic Carpet app to turn off the system!

App Store & Community

Magic Carpet App Store with more that +1000 Premium Apps available will launch in October 2016. When you acquire Magic Carpet you become part of a global family of users. The online app store is the gateway to the community where you can acquire new activities, share activities you have created and build new activities using the online activity builder software.

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