Monday Motivation: Developing a reliable ‘yes’ and ‘no’


Did you know that many people with a learning disability often do not have a reliable yes or no response?


They may say ‘yes’, and that they liked something, because they think that this is what you want to hear.


They may not have had many opportunities to give their opinions or make choices.


‘No’ can also sometimes be used as a declaration of independence, rather than as an actual response to a question.


Communication also comes in many forms and responding with yes and no can be cognitively demanding.


Instead of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’, many people with disabilities instead will express themselves with an augmentative and alternative method such as pointing to a symbol, through sounds, switch, gestures, facial expressions, body movements or eye gaze.


All forms of communication should be encouraged and accepted.


Katherine Lewis, a Specialist Communication Teaching Assistant at Hazel Court Community Specialist School, said that staff at the school spend time at the end of each session in their Sensory Room discussing learners likes and dislikes.


Katherine said that: “The number and range of amazing apps in our Discovery Room, due to Sensory Guru’s Magic Carpet, gives our learners plenty of opportunity to make choices and talk about what they like and don’t like.”


This helps to develop learner’s social communication, autonomy and decision-making skills in a fun and relaxed environment.


Magic Carpet, comes with its own app store with hundreds of applications that can be downloaded. This enables you to search applications depending on the outcome that you would like to achieve, such as developing language and communication skills.


Sensory Guru is also a supplier of the full range of Tobii Dynavox products, as well as Smartbox Grid 3. We are also a preferred supplier of Rehadapt mounting solutions, ensuring that we can cater for all of your needs, whatever your preferred method of communication may be.


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