Compass for Windows with EyeGaze


Compass 2.0 is the innovative, flexible, and robust software solution that empowers individuals with complex communication needs. Additional Pagesets and new & improved Access Features just added!



Communicate with Confidence

Ask for what you want to eat or drink, ask questions, and say what’s on your mind. These are not luxuries but the things you need others to hear and understand. Let Compass 2.0 give you the confidence that comes through clear communication.

  • A full-breadth of pre-stored communication – symbols, pictures, words, and phrases – supporting everyday conversations about mealtime, activities, & needs.
  • Additional built-in supports such as Behavior Supports and Scripts help you successfully navigate through daily activities and conversations.
  • All new tools in Compass 2.0, including new Pagesets, communication Topics, and vocabulary, help to increase communication efficiency and speed. And, over 1400 High-contrast symbols have been added to help individuals with low vision or visual impairments.


Connect and Belong

Communication is about sharing, socializing, and connecting with the people most important in your life. Compass 2.0 creates a world of possibility for fast and efficient communication, providing the largest variety of content available in any AAC solution.    

  • Easy access to pre-stored messages for games, shops, restaurants, school and many of your favorite activities.
  • Don’t miss your turn to jump into the conversation with QuickFires and QuickPhrases.
  • New to Compass 2.0! Communication pagesets based on ability, integrated core word strategy, rate enhancement methods, and much more!


Chart YOUR Course

Life is not just about what you have, it’s about what you strive for, work towards, and dream about. Whatever your interests and passions, let Compass 2.0 take you as far as you want to go. Easy access to pre-stored messages for games, shops, restaurants, school and many of your favorite activities.    

  • Unique, research-based Core Word Strategy helps you develop and use rich and creative communication.
  • The one-of-a kind Stroke & Brain Injury Persona is based on research, clinical experience, and field-testing, and provides new opportunities for successful communication.
  • New Pageset Wizard quickly guides you to the most appropriate communication pageset, meeting your specific communication needs.