Interactive Light Switching Beams

Interactive light switching system allowing users to activate sensory experiences by the simplest of movements. Ideal for use within sensory environments and hydrotherapy pools.

Choose from 4 beam, 6 beam, and 8 beam systems, or contact us for a customised (up to 32 beam) system.

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Interactive Light Switching Beams allow users to take control over their environment with the simplest of movements. By passing through a beam, which acts a substitute switch, users can change the lighting, the colour of a bubble tube and trigger multiple projected images and a music track all at once.


Over 30 Interactive Settings
Supplied as standard with over 30 interactive settings, including jungle, under water, beams, splat, space, Monet gallery and more! Users are also able to customise their own content.


Cause and Effect Learning 
Interactive Light Switching Beams are ideal for inclusion within a sensory environment or hydrotherapy pool. The system provides a fun and engaging way for users to learn cause and effect, and is particularly ideal for users with visual impairments as settings can be adjusted to switch between bright or high contrast colours, and to trigger an accompanying sound.
Available in sets of 4, 6 or 8, however these can be scalable up to 32 beams as part of your sensory project. Contact us for more information on customised options.


*Please note: installation is not included in this price. Please contact us to organise installation.