Magic EyeFX


Magic Eye-FX is a fun and accessible entry point for developing access, communication and interaction skills.



Everybody Plays!

Magic Eye FX software has been designed to develop access and communication skills through creative play and gaming. The software supports eye gaze, speech, switching, touch, game controllers, mouse and keyboard inputs and offers 100s of thoughtfully designed activities.

Level Logic

Activities are grouped into 5 levels of exploration with each level introducing a slightly more advanced mode of gaze interaction and game play

Screen Engagement The eye creates the stimuli – Screen Engagement activities allow users to explore cause and effect; when they look, something happens! When they look away, it stops!
Object Interaction Gaze responsive objects – Object Interaction activities introduce some of the interaction methods of eye gaze such as dwell activation and targeting. These apps allow users to explore how their gaze can trigger a response from the objects in the screen.
Region Precision Region Precision activities stimulate visual attention by encouraging users to target specific areas of the screen and improve their gaze control skills. Level 3 activities help to develop the targeting and attention skills necessary to achieve a robust calibration.
Active Exploration Active Exploration activities are designed to promote exploration and play, encouraging engagement with a wider area of the screen.
Controlled Targeting Controlled Targeting activities can help users achieve greater control, a higher degree of accuracy and a more detailed understanding of the dwell and switch activation functions.

App Builder

The app builder allows you to create personalised games and content for the people you work and play with.

The app builder allows you to setup a range of inputs and their settings including but not limited to:

  • Eye Gaze
  • Switches
  • Speech
  • Game Controllers and
  • Keyboards

Change backgrounds, add game objects and camera effects, assign object effects, load YouTube videos and explore our Media library to create amazing content with our easy to use App Builder.

  • 40 Apps grouped into 5 levels of exploration
  • Eye Gaze Browser software
  • App Builder – make content
  • Companion controller app

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