Multi-Smart Control 9R


Control nine different functions using this radio frequency environment control device.

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The Multi-Smart Control 9R  is a device with 9 switched relay contacts, specially designed to control elements with multiple functions, such as lifts, ceiling hoists, special motored beds and elements of a sensory room like bubble tubes, lights, fibre optics, etc. It can also be used as an interface for connecting other home automation systems.

It is powered with low voltage and can be activated via any of our Smart Controllers (see list below)

Connect up to 4 different Multi-Smart Control 9R in your environment to control 4 elements with up to 9 different functions each, or more elements with different functions.

Ref: BJ-237


√ Activate the device remotely via any of our Smart Controllers (see below)

√ Control up to 9 different functions of the same element.

√ Custom programming option depending on your needs.

√ Radio frequency system that works through walls and other obstacles.

Activate with our Smart Controllers:
BJ Control Pro Smart Controller Pro
  • Up to 112 functions.
  • Access via keyboard or by scanning with a switch.
  • Fit to be worn around your neck or attached to a wheelchair.
BJ Control 6 Smart Controller 6
  • Up to 11 functions.
  • Access via keyboard.
  • Ideal for monitoring doors, hoists or a few items.
BJ Control Button Smart Control Switch Box
  • Up to 11 functions.
  • Access via large buttons or switches.
  • Ideal for beginners on environmental control.
BJ Control USB Smart Controller USB
  • Unlimited number of functions.
  • Smart Control software is included.
  • Compatible with communicators.
Switch Smart Controller Switch
Switch input for direct activation.


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