The Orbitrack is a revolutionary, new, input device, which allows computer users to control both the direction and speed of the cursor with a single, soft touch.

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Requiring no hand or wrist movement the Orbitrack represents a significant advance in computer input technology and is suitable for all computer users, particularly young children and those with motor skill difficulties and movement impairment.

The Orbitrack uses a control ring to electronically manage cursor movement for precise targeting of objects on the computer screen.

Unlike a mouse, trackball or joystick no hand or wrist movement is necessary and unlike a touch pad the cursor does not have to be ‘driven’ around the screen by constant finger movement.

Includes Free USB/PS2 adaptor.

  • Unique cursor control technology.
  • Large, 50mm cursor control ring for easy operation and precise targeting.
  • Soft touch operation (no pressure is required)
  • Ultra reliable with no moving/wearing mechanical parts.
  • Sealed against the ingress of fluids or contaminants.
  • Ergonomic design with a sloped case for comfortable wrist positioning.
  • Large palm/hand rest for comfortable operation
  • Soft touch, colour coded, buttons (Left/Right Click, Drag Lock and Double Click)
  • Buttons easily accessed without the need for hand/wrist movement
  • Symmetrical design allowing use with either hand.
  • Does not require driver software – ideal for contract managed computer systems


Used For
  • Computer Access
  • Tablet Access – Android


Download Manual.