PCEye Mini – Featuring Windows Control


The PCEye Mini replaces the standard keyboard and mouse, allowing you to navigate and control your laptop or small screen desktop computer using only your eyes.


PCEye Mini Access with Windows Control


This product option consists of a PCEye Mini eye tracker – and the new Windows Control software. Windows Control enables computer access on a Windows PC via eye gaze or switch input, replacing the standard keyboard and mouse.
Note: Tobii Dynavox are currently updating Tobii Dynavox Communication software to be compatible with Windows Control. So, if you mainly need to access your computer, we recommend the chosen product option, “PCEye Mini Access – with Windows Control”, which is our latest and greatest software for computer access.

However, if you need to use your PCEye Mini eye tracker together with communication software (Communicator 5, Compass, Snap + Core First, Snap Scene, Boardmaker Student Center or Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL™)), we recommend “PCEye Mini with Classic Tobii Gaze Interaction Software” instead.



The Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini is our smallest and most robust eye tracker. It replaces the standard keyboard and mouse, allowing you to navigate and control your laptop or small screen desktop computer using only your eyes.



For someone who can’t use their hands or fingers eye tracking is probably the quickest, easiest and most ergonomically sound way to operate a computer. The PCEye Mini lets you surf the web, connect with friends online, play games, Skype, turn on the lights or TV, and even make spreadsheets and documents using only your eyes. With the PCEye Mini you get:


  • Ergonomic computer access – With PCEye Mini clicks and navigation becomes more intuitive, creating a relaxed and natural computing environment.
  • Portable computer access – Easily attach and detach The PCEye Mini from your computer using a magnetic mounting bracket and a USB connection. It is easily transported and used with different computers, like at work or in school.
  • Independent processing – all processing for the eye tracker is done on the device itself and doesn’t slow down your computer. This means that you do not need the latest, most expensive desktop or laptop in order to use the PCEye Mini.
  • The Tobii advantage – With over 14 years of research, experience and innovation, Tobii is the global pioneer of commercial eye tracking technology. The PCEye Mini is based on our latest eye tracking platform, IS4.


Benefits of gaze interaction


The PCEye Mini allows you to use all the functions of your computer, using only your eyes Ultimately the PCEye Mini gives you greater personal freedom and independence.


  • Personal independence – Regaining a healthy level of personal independence is possible through the PCEye Mini that provides you with access to a computer and the Internet.
  • Independent recreation – Pass the time, have fun, learn, and stimulate your mind by accessing a computer and the Internet through the PCEye Mini.
  • Social networking – With the PCEye Mini, you can take advantage of all forms of communication, write emails, access social networking sites, and give friends and family updates about yourself through a blog.
  • Artistic expression – Artistic expression through eye control is also a healthy way to spend time, acquire new skills and promote creativity, all things that can increase health and happiness.
  • Ergonomic access – Using gaze interaction to access your computer can be easier on your neck and shoulders than using a head mouse or a switch.
  • Remaining in work – Remain in the workplace longer or even return to work using the PCEye Mini, which allows for completely hands-free computing.



Most robust and best-performing eye tracker to date

The PCEye Mini is based on an additional five years of research and development as well as test data compared to its predecessor. Approximately 800 individuals with different conditions, vision, ethnicities, everyday dust, smudges or blemishes around their eyes, with eyes out of focus, etc. were tested and based on these extensive tests we’ve rewritten our eye tracking algorithms and filters. This knowledge has been packaged as new patents, new eye models, higher robustness and the world’s first eye tracking ASIC circuit, the Tobii EyeChip™.

Extreme portability

The PCEye Mini easily attaches and detaches from your desktop screen or laptop using a smart, seamless magnetic mounting bracket and USB connection. It is lightweight and small enough to be easily transported and used with different computers.

Scalable flexibility

All eye interaction processing is done on the PCEye Mini itself with the latest Tobii EyeChip™, avoiding additional workload for your computer or tablet and ensuring maximum performance. This also means that you do not need the latest tablet, laptop or desktop computer in order to use gaze interaction as an access method.

High precision and accuracy
The PCEye Mini, together with the zoom functionality of Tobii Dynavox Gaze Selection, allows you to hit even the smallest targets on the screen, almost with pixel precision, again and again.
Largest trackbox
The trackbox, the imaginary volume within which you can move your head without losing accuracy, or interrupting the eye tracking session, is among the largest on the market. The large size gives you the freedom to sit or lie down comfortably with maintained eye tracking performance.
Head movement compensation
Move freely within the trackbox while maintaining superior precision and accuracy. Should you move outside of the trackbox, the PCEye Mini will quickly find your eyes again and continue to track them.
Superior trackability
The PCEye Mini provides high-quality tracking results for over 95% of the users*, compared to any other system, regardless of most lighting conditions, eye color, or if you are wearing contacts or glasses.
*results based on hundreds of thousands of diagnostic images and tests on approximately 800 individuals with different conditions, vision, ethnicities, everyday dust, smudges or blemishes around their eyes, with eyes out of focus, etc.


Gaze Data Stream 60Hz
Power Consumption 1.5W typical average
Processing Unit Tobii EyeChip™ with fully embedded processing
Interface USB 2.0*
Distance from user to the Eye Tracker 45 cm – 80 cm
18” – 32″
Screen Size*** At 55 cm (21.7 “) user distance Recommended up to 19”
Unit Size (Length × Height × Depth) 170 mm × 18 mm × 13 mm
6.69“ × 0.71“ × 0.51“
Weight 59 g (2.1 oz)
System requirements USB 2.0 or higher
Operating System: Windows 7 Windows 8.1 Windows 10
1 GHz, 2 cores
2 GB RAM memory
Graphics 60 MB VRAM
Pixel shader 2.0 or higher
450 MB free disk space for the installation of the PCEye Mini Software
.NET 4.5 must be installed on the device

* USB2 requirements: USB 2.0 BC1.2 provides Tobii IS4 with sufficient power and signal bandwidth.
** Head box describes the space in front of the eye tracker where the user must have at least one eye to get gaze data. The eye tracker is at a 20° angle looking upward from below the screen.
*** For larger than recommended screens, the limiting parameter is the quality of the gaze accuracy at the upper corners of the screen when the user sits close to the screen.

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