Pivot Switch


The Pivot Switch allows users with limited movement control to activate the switch from any direction.

Available as standard or Plus version featuring flexo mounting arm for extra comfort and stability. Choose from the options below.

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Activate the switch in any direction. The Pivot Switch (BJ-106) consists of a padded bar 11 cm long that can be moved in any direction. It is specially designed for people with limited movement control.

√  The output of the Pivot Switch is activated by moving the bar in any direction, or pressing it downwards.

√  The internal “click” alerts the user that the switch has been activated.

√  When the pressure stops, the bar returns to its original position with no bouncing.


For more comfort, choose the Pivot Switch Plus in the options above, which includes a flexo mounting arm and the Pivot Switch.

Pivot Switch Plus


Pivot Switch Plus (ACS115)