SimplyWorks Energise


The SimplyWorks Energise is a feature rich Mains Controller allowing switch users to control up to two electrical appliances with wired or wireless switches.

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Energise includes SimplyWorks® wireless technology, allowing interference free activation of appliances at up to 10 metres.

Six selectable modes enable the user to choose how, and for how long, the appliance(s) will be turned on.

Four modes give independent switch and appliance activation: two modes provide co-operative control of both appliances.

SimplyWorks® Energise will accept any wired, single, switch or the SimplyWorks® Switch 125; or a combination of both.


  • Six Selectable control modes. Four modes provide independent switch operation; two modes provide co-operative switch operation.
  • Independent switch operation in Direct, Latched, Timed Minutes and Timed Seconds modes.
  • Co-operative switch operation in Co-Op and On/Off modes.
  • Allows up to three wireless and one wired switch to be paired with each channel
  • Two 230V, 50Hz sockets.
  • Two 3.5mm switch input sockets.
  • Interference free operation at up to 10 metres distance with SimplyWorks Switch 125.
  • Operates with wired or wireless switches; or a combination of both.
  • LEDs for pairing SimplyWorks Switch 125 and selecting control modes and time settings.
  • On-board memory retains the previous mode and time settings even after power-off.


Used For
  • Switch Activities
  • Environmental Control
  • Ageing Resources
  • Wireless Connectivity


Download User Manual

It is very important that you read the Safety Instructions in the Downloadable User Manual below prior to use.