SimplyWorks Receive Micro


Building on the success of the SimplyWorks range of wireless devices, the Receive Micro wireless receiver is now available to give you the same level of access to Android tablets.

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Receive Micro, fitted with a micro-USN plug, connects directly to the charging port of many Android operated tablets such asNexus, Xoom 2, and Sony S.

Samsung Galaxy tablets do not have micro-USB ports but may still be accessed using the standard Receive and a Samsung adaptor cable (available from Pretorian).

Receive Micro and Receive are simple plug & play devices requiring no software or drivers, and allowing up to six SimplyWorks transmitters to be paired.

All SimplyWorks® transmitters are fully functional on Android devices including switches, trackballs, joysticks or keyboards. Once Receive Micro or Receive have been plugged in and paired with either a SimplyWorks trackball or joystick, a cursor appears on the screen.


  • 10 metre (32′) operating range
  • Directly connects to most tablets
  • Can be paired with up to six SimplyWorks transmitters
  • Does not require driver software – ideal for contract managed computer systems
  • Supports the entire SimplyWorks range of products


Used For
  • Tablet Access – Android
  • Switch Activities

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