SimplyWorks Receive


The SimplyWorks Receive is a USB receiver and interface which forms the hub of the SimplyWorks system when used for computer access and will support up to six SimplyWorks transmitters of any kind.

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SimplyWorks® Receive supports Trackball, Joystick, Switch 125, SEND, keyboard and switch functions all via a single USB connection to the host computer and without dedicated driver software.

SimplyWorks Receive also includes CAPs and DRAG lock LEDs for easy identification when multiple users are using mouse and keyboard functions.

SimplyWorks allows you the freedom to create wireless, single or multi-user learning environments, reducing set up time and allowing you to concentrate on the learning tasks themselves.


  • State of the art multi-channel wireless receiver with a range in excess of 10m, making it ideal for classroom environments.
  • Supports up to six transmitters simultaneously.
  • No restriction on the mix of transmitters.
  • Caps Lock and Drag Lock LEDs.
  • USB Connectivity.
  • Does not require driver software – ideal for contract managed computer systems
  • PC and Mac compatibility.
  • Compact design.


Used For
  • Computer Access
  • Switch Activities
  • Wireless Connectivity

Download Manual.