SimplyWorks Smooth Talker


The SimplyWorks Smooth Talker with a modern and stylish design, is the most versatile single and sequential message communicator on the market. Available in Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Please specify colour on order or we will send Red as default.



The SimplyWorks® Smooth Talker has 2 minutes of recording time, superior digital sound quality from twin speakers and a low switch profile angled towards the user for easy activation.


SimplyWorks® Smooth Talker is unique in providing Random, Choice, Auditory Prompt, and Converse messaging modes.For positive reinforcement and additional motivation, toys or appliances can be attached and a message assigned to activate the toy/appliance.


The SimplyWorks® Smooth Talker is the only communicator with both wired and wireless connectivity options for toys and appliances and, uniquely, can activate two toys/appliances simultaneously.


Smooth Talker has also been designed with a choice of four colour options. Please select from the drop down list above.


  • Records single and sequential messages.
  • Two minutes of recording and playback time.
  • Digital amplifier with twin speakers for superior sound quality.
  • Random, Choice, Auditory Prompt and Co-operative modes.
  • Wireless toy activation using SimplyWorks® toy controllers.
  • Activates a mains-powered appliance in conjunction with SimplyWorks® Energise mains controller.
  • Built-in symbol holder.
  • Large (125mm), low profile, switch activation area.
  • Switch top cannot be removed by user – prevents distraction (coloured tops can be changed only with tools).
  • Input socket for attaching a wired, external switch.
  • Input socket for attaching a toy/appliance.


Used For
  • Communication
  • Toys & Mains Control
  • Switch Activities
  • Environmental Control
  • Wireless Connectivity


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