Smart Controller 6


Six key ergonomic remote control allowing users to simply and comfortably control household devices.



The Smart Controller 6 (BJ-257) is a six key ergonomic remote control allowing you to comfortably control your household devices in a simple and integrated manner.

Featuring up to 10 programmable functions, the Smart Control 6 allows you to control elements like doors, hoists, lifts, lights or infrared devices like television, sound system or air-conditioning.


√  Customise the function of each key according to your requirements.

√  Up to 10 programmable functions.

√  Memorise the functions of any infrared device and control different elements with the radio frequency system.

√  Easy to hang around the neck or attach to a wheelchair.

√  Keys in relieve.

√  Use the mobile phone charger to charge the long-lasting battery.


Smart Control 6 with hoist



Use the Smart Control 6 alongside our range of RF Smart Control devices. 


BJ-Enabler socket + Smart Control Socket +
  • Control electrical appliances and switch adapted devices.
  • Self-installable.
  • Switch input for manual control and output to control adapted devices or appliances.
  • 3 operating modes: ON/OFF, latched and timed.
BJ Enabler alarm Smart Control Alarm
  • Send warning signals whenever you need.
  • Plug the device in the caregiver’s room and activate it from your room.
  • 4 different alarms available with different melodies.
  • Switch input for manual control.
BJ Enabler 1R-LV Multi-Smart Control 1R-LV
  • Open automatic doors, control one-light circuits, activate warning signals, the doorbell, etc. in a simple way.
  • Switch input for manual control.
  • 2 operating modes: latched and pulse.
BJ Enabler 2R Multi-Smart Control 2R
  • Activate two different elements or two functions of the same element.
  • Two switch inputs for manual control.
  • 3 operating modes: ON/OFF, latched and timed.
BJ Enabler 9R Multi-Smart Control 9R
  • Control elements with multiple functions: lifts, ceiling hoists, special motorised beds, elements of a multisensory room, etc.
  • Use it as an interface for KNX installations.
  • Custom programming option depending on the user needs.
  • Connect up to 4 different BJ Enabler 9R in the same environment.
BJ Electric Motor Smart Control Electric Motor
  • Control two different functions of automatic elements, such as blinds, windows, curtains, screens, kitchen furniture, etc.
  • Two switch inputs for direct manual control.
  • 3 operating modes selected with a jumper.
BJ Enabler Phone Smart Control Phone
  • Control a hansfree phone remotely or using your favourite switch.
  • No installation needed.
  • Control up to two different phones in the same environment.
BJ Enabler Bed Smart Control Bed
  • Custom-made device to control the up and down movements of head and feet of motorised beds.
  • Installation avoids overriding the manual operation of the bed.
  • 2 operating modes: Dead man and 3 seconds pulses.

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