Smart Control Electric Motor


A device that allows users to activate two different functions of motorised elements such as blinds, windows, curtains, screens, kitchen furniture and more.

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The Smart Control Electric Motor is a device with 2 switched relay contacts that allows you to control two different functions of automatic elements, such as blinds, windows, curtains, screens, kitchen furniture and more.

The up & down and open & close functions of these elements can be activated via our Smart Controller or by means of a switch.

Connect up to 16 different Smart Control Electric Motor in your environment to control these two functions of 16 different motorised elements.

Ref: BJ233



√  Control up to 16 different automatic elements in the same environment.

√  Activate the enabler remotely via any Smart Controller (see list below) or locally using your favourite switch.

√  Easy to install: internal wiring optimised to control 230 VAC motors.

√  Three different operating modes available: latched, dead man and combined.

√  Radio frequency system that works through walls and other obstacles.


Activate with our Smart Controllers:
BJ Control Pro Smart Controller Pro
  • Up to 112 functions.
  • Access via keyboard or by scanning with a switch.
  • Fit to be worn around your neck or attached to a wheelchair.
BJ Control 6 Smart Controller 6
  • Up to 11 functions.
  • Access via keyboard.
  • Ideal for monitoring doors, hoists or a few items.
BJ Control Button Smart Controller Button
  • Up to 11 functions.
  • Access via large buttons or switches.
  • Ideal for beginners on environmental control.
BJ Control USB Smart Controller USB
  • Unlimited number of functions.
  • Smart Control software is included.
  • Compatible with communicators.
Switch Smart Controller Switch
Switch input for direct activation.