Smart Controller USB


Control any device you want at home from your computer using this customisable remote control. Use alongside our Smart Control range to control elements in your home.

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Control any device you want at home from your computer using this customisable remote control. Thanks to the infrared learning system you can control any household device which works using a remote control. Access directly using your computer with your normal access system (mouse, keyboard, voice control, etc.)
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√ Memorise the functions of any other infrared device and control different elements with the radio frequency system.
√ Activate macros (a sequence of actions) with a single button.
√ Control the environment using other software
√ Customise the functions and the appearance of the remote control with the included Smart Control software.


Smart Control Range

Use the Smart Control USB alongside our range of Smart Control accessories to control other elements such as doors, lights, beds, ceiling hoists, blinds, electrical appliances and warning alarms.

BJ-Enabler socket + Smart Control Socket +
  • Control electrical appliances and switch adapted devices.
  • Self-installable.
  • Switch input for manual control and output to control adapted devices or appliances.
  • 3 operating modes: ON/OFF, latched and timed.
BJ Enabler alarm Smart Control Alarm
  • Send warning signals whenever you need.
  • Plug the device in the caregiver’s room and activate it from your room.
  • 4 different alarms available with different melodies.
  • Switch input for manual control.
BJ Enabler 1R-LV Multi-Smart Control 1R-LV
  • Open automatic doors, control one-light circuits, activate warning signals, the doorbell, etc. in a simple way.
  • Switch input for manual control.
  • 2 operating modes: latched and pulse.
BJ Enabler 2R Multi-Smart Control 2R
  • Activate two different elements or two functions of the same element.
  • Two switch inputs for manual control.
  • 3 operating modes: ON/OFF, latched and timed.
BJ Enabler 9R Multi-Smart Control 9R
  • Control elements with multiple functions: lifts, ceiling hoists, special motorised beds, elements of a multisensory room, etc.
  • Use it as an interface for KNX installations.
  • Custom programming option depending on the user needs.
  • Connect up to 4 different BJ Enabler 9R in the same environment.
BJ Electric Motor Smart Electric Motor
  • Control two different functions of automatic elements, such as blinds, windows, curtains, screens, kitchen furniture, etc.
  • Two switch inputs for direct manual control.
  • 3 operating modes selected with a jumper.
BJ Enabler Phone Smart Control Phone
  • Control a hansfree phone remotely or using your favourite switch.
  • No installation needed.
  • Control up to two different phones in the same environment.
BJ Enabler Bed Smart Control Bed
  • Custom-made device to control the up and down movements of head and feet of motorised beds.
  • Installation avoids overriding the manual operation of the bed.
  • 2 operating modes: Dead man and 3 seconds pulses.