USB Switch Interface 8


The USB Switch Interface 8 allows you to use up to 8 switches with your favourite apps!

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Connect up to eight switches to a computer USB port and use them with several different applications that offer switch access. The computer recognises the device as a joystick and with the software provided it is possible to convert the inputs into mouse or keyboard signals.

Ref: BJ-806


√  Plug & play device, no drivers needed.

√  Build up a mouse simply by adding 5 switches.

√  Enjoy your cause and effect and selection software.

√  Use it with The Grid 2 to develop access by multiple selection. It’s very efficient!


Choose from several preset profiles with the software provided

The software provided, compatible with Microsoft Windows, allows you to choose from these preset configurations:

  • BJ-806 as 1, 2, 3, 4 and arrow keys.
  • BJ-806 as left, right, double and drag and drop mouse clicks.
  • BJ-806 as Space, Enter, Tab, Backspace and arrowkeys.

Other settings are also possible. Contact us for more information.

Download Software.