Sensory Guru gives existing customers £3000 worth of free software updates to celebrate launch of App Store

Sensory Guru has offered free software upgrades worth over £3000, to their entire Magic Carpet customer base, in order to show their appreciation for their clients support and enable them to have access to the latest Magic Carpet software.


Magic Carpet

Since September 2016, Sensory Guru product specialists have visited customers to provide training and access to the new software, which will enable them to enjoy the latest Magic Carpet features and App Store – which will be launched at the beginning of May.


The latest Magic Carpet comes with 500+ interactive apps, a user-friendly app maker with 35+ templates, an auto-play scheduler, app collections facility to make it easy to retrieve favourites, media library and many other features.


Sensory Guru has been BETA testing the new App Store which offers customers access to 1000s of additional apps, at easily affordable prices. This will help to ensure that customers have access to relevant content that can meet the specific needs of users, whether they be an adult care user with dementia, or a child with autism that requires greater sensory stimulation.


The App Store completes the Magic Carpet ecosystem by providing a platform where staff can share, learn and develop their ideas. For example, teachers will be able to share the lesson plans that they have developed around the content, while practitioners can exchange their thoughts on how certain applications have helped to meet the needs of users with specific conditions.


The feedback from clients has been outstanding. Altogether 98% of users described the App Store as “brilliant”, 95% said that they would recommend Magic Carpet to colleagues and friends and 97% described Magic Carpet as easy to use.


Chris Burke, an IT Technician from Baginton Fields School described the Magic Carpet as a “phenomenal piece of equipment”.


Users praised Magic Carpet’s ability to create fun, interactive and engaging learning experiences and the personalisation and choice that the App Store provides.


Chris Latimer, Head Teacher at Georgetown Primary School said Magic Carpet is “an excellence vehicle for children with complex needs to interact with learning”, because it is “fully inclusive to all needs and can be easily adapted for specific children”.


Susan Rose, an Early Years Practitioner at Haysholm School said Magic Carpet is an “amazing resource which has captured the attention of all pupils at all levels”.


She praised Magic Carpet’s ability to “reinforce learning across the curriculum” improve “access for physically challenged children” and “make learning fun”.


Lee Blemings, CEO of Sensory Guru, said: “At Sensory Guru we constantly strive to improve our products and services to offer great value for our customers. We are keen for all customers, both old and new, to enjoy the latest developments. It is their custom that has enabled us to grow and invest in new product enhancements and so we wanted to show our appreciation by giving something back.


“The App Store enables us to distribute content at a much quicker rate and receive immediate feedback from customers. This will help us to better tailor content to our users’ needs and provide a much more personalised experience.”

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